September 07, 2007

Job & SAC Fair

I am SO happy right now. Unbelievably happy. Johns Hopkins has a bassoon that I can play, and they NEED a bassoon player. Really cool. I'm really happy about that. I said goodbye to my basson back at Homestead; I hope Sophia treats it well. But, um, I can't afford to buy one. Bassoons, for a good wood one (as if plastic comes close.), start at $20,000. And at that price, I can't buy it. There are always several on eBay, but, I can't afford $5000 either. So, I'm really really happy. I can still play bassoon. Lets hope I packed the reeds.

I'm going to the band meeting tonight at 7:30. I hope I can join the pep band too, with my totally awesome piccolo. Its green (well, for Homestead, but green is one of my favorite colors, and it was only $90 on eBay. Way cool.) and gold. I marched it in band last year, and apparently from the stands, it looked like I wasn't even holding an instrument and that I was faking it. I assure you, I was actually playing out there.

My financial aid forms are finally fixed. Finally. Until next year, I'm sure. So, I still have everything saved in its little folder, ready for next year or even next semester.

I also went to the Job Fair today. Lots of cool stuff there, too. Free candy. Free chocolate (and i'm not even a big chocolate fan). I filled out 3 tax forms because I actually had the two documents with me that I needed to prove I can work in the United States. So, that's all done. I just need the job. There's a desk job at the Digital Media Center that sounds really cool. Especially since i've used Photoshop and Illustrator, and web design, and 3D studio max, and others. Lots of stuff. That one sounds really cool.

Hmm, what else? tomorrow I have my SAAB interview. Cross your fingers! I really want to get that one.

Well, in about 20 min. I'm about to go to the mailroom and ask where my books are. Especially since one of them is $125 and i'm no longer taking the class. I need to send it back to Amazon to get my refund and buy a different textbook. Plus, it has my Expository writing book.

Okay, happy Friday, everyone!

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