March 25, 2008


Housing. This would all be so much simpler if I could, say, just rent an apartment on my own and not worry about all of this, but hey, I got 375/417, and I just have to deal with it. So, chances are, I'll be stuck in a double in McCoy.

But, I'll hope that for some reason there aren't many singles and I can still swipe a room in Charles Commons.

And really, this would all be so much easier if my fate wasn't in the hands of the bureaucracy. It's never good for the little guy ;)

March 12, 2008

Yes, I resurrect you!

So that was bad. I resurrected the blog from the virtual dead, and then I ignore it again. I need a post-it or something, "Did You Blog Today?". Gotta get back into the habit.

Midterm season is almost over. I only have one left. Microeconomics was on Monday, and for all the hype that it was going to be difficult (by both the professor and the TA), it was easy. The prof. even announced during the test, "there are some things here you should not know. This is to distinguish the A+ from the A". Uh oh, what WASN'T I supposed to know? I could answer all the questions.....

Maybe that's because the class moves slower than snit snot.

And speaking of snit-snot, Freshman Experiences lags around that speed too. The midterm for that class is tomorrow. Last semester, I got 100% on the midterm. I really have no worries, because the test is both open notes and open book. I just have to remember to bring them with me.

So yeah, I'm ready for spring break :)

March 01, 2008

Tax Season

Okay, now that I'm well into my first "New Year's Resolution", which was to switch to Firefox browsing, rather than IE, I'm ready for my second. I'm not going to neglect my blog. Plus, I've decided that if I blog, I'm more likely to finish my projects and try new things. Plus, I can display the patterns that I have come up with :) So this should be fun for all of us.....

Taxes are just about the most annoying thing that big government could ever have invented. Woodrow Wilson, you Johns Hopkins grad, why did you ever allow Income Taxes to be a constitutional amendment? Why why why did you create the Fed?

The government is not making this easy for me. Legally, I'm a California resident. But I've had a job in both CA and MD. Which means I get to file THREE tax retuns. THREE. Yes, this is government at its best - making us try to figure out which forms to fill out, how to fill out said forms, and the best way to file the taxes. Can't we all follow Wyoming's example? No income tax? Yes? GREAT. It would make life so much easier.

And TurboTax, I'd like to give you and Congress some advice. Please Please Please stop changing the form each year. The best way to fix the system is to scrap the current one, and start over. Stop adding to it, because you've already created a bureaucratic disaster on both ends. Might I advise a flat tax, since you wont get rid of the income tax altogether. Do the math. Percentages are already "graduated", its multiplication. Oh, and get rid of tax deductions. If we got rid of those, people wouldnt need to pay 80% of their income to taxes, because they get to write all of it off. If we get rid of those pesky loopholes, the flat tax system is completely fair.

Thanks government. You've made my first tax returns such a pleasant experience.