September 02, 2007

The Course of One Day

In the course of one day (the first full day, I might add), I have managed to....

Get locked out of my dorm. This one was my fault.

Called Maintenence in order to fix the doornob on my dorm while I was locked out. It was so bad it bent the RA's master key.

So this was partially my fault and partially the old dorm's fault. But, maintenence was really really nice about it, and so was my RA, so all's well. The door works almost perfectly now; the hardest thing to do is to pull the key out of the lock. So don't hesitate asking for help, its all around.

Knitting-wise, the office scarf I've been working on is turning out pretty well. Its that sort of thing that you knit while watching tv or the sort (In my case, over the internet/dvd's).
Just like a suit jacket front. one of my wackier ideas, but its working out really well.

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