August 27, 2007

Is this what you call nerves?

So, I leave at 3:00 AM on Tuesday. I have so many emotions going on right now, it's hard to keep track of all of them. The following reminds me of the menu at Cafe Gratitude.

I Am Excited -- I'm going all the way across the country. I'm going to a place that I've only ever been once before. I'm going to a place where there is snow. I'm leaving all of my familiar settings for one that I will be lost in for about a month or two. It's a feeling of adventure.

I Am Nervous -- I've yet to buy my books..... I know, I know, I should have been on that much earlier in the summer, but I really didn't want to pack them. I didn't want to ship them either. So, I'm buying them really really last minute. I'm also nervous about my classes. I've been to college classes before, at the local community college,, but never at a private 4-year college. I'm the first person in my family to go to college right after high school. My mom and my aunt (who just graduated) both went back to college, but neither have that dorm experience in order to give me advice.

I Am Happy -- After years of working to get into college, I'm finally starting it. I remember as a little second-grader, being asked "What do you want to be when you grow up?" My answer was always "I wanna go to college." This is not a joke. Ever since I saw Tufts University when I was really little, I wanted to go to college. Now I'm finally going

I Am Sad -- I'm leaving all of my pets. I'll miss them all. I'll miss Inky (the rabbit) grunting at me as I give him food. I'll miss Daisy (the dog) responding to my attempt to teach her Spanish commands. Needless to say, she now responds to "Que la la cena?", my mom's interpretation of "quiere la cena?" I'll miss the cat's way of waking me up in the morning by sitting on my face. I'll miss how Thunder and Lightning (the rats) will run after popcorn and then hide it in their cage. And I'll also miss my mom and brother (as annoying as he can be).

I feel like I have so much unfinished business here, and yet, I am extremely happy to be leaving California. I'm ready to start a new life as I ship all of my things tomorrow, then fly out on Tuesday.

Good Morning Baltimore!

August 26, 2007

Love/Hate Free Internet

I'm very glad Sunnyvale has free internet through Metro Fi. What I hate is that at the top of every page is an advertisement that messes with the HTML of all pages. I've been trying to access that required Alcohol Edu class that I have to finish by the 30th, and because I've got that stupid bar of advertisements at the top of my page, I cannot click the next button. Hopefully the Sunnyvale library has a different internet connection so I can complete it in one session there. But then again, I don't think there's audio on those computers. What are the consequences if I don't complete the course until school? I wonder if my hotel room has free WiFi.... and if it has those stupid HTML ads. As the title suggests, hate/love relationship. I love that it's free. Internet should be free. But those ads screw up a lot of pages that have specific coding. I'm gonna have to call the toll free number.

For other news, I'm just about done packing. I have one box left to seal, and thats the one with my totally awesome bookends. They're actually Pirates of the Caribbean aquarium decorations, but they've got a straight side that will be perfect for bookends once I attach weights to the bottom.

Oh, and my second cousin (we're much closer than that makes it sound) got married today. It was out in the redwoods of Los Gatos. It seems kinda weird to say that she's now Rachel Smith; I've just about grown up with her, as she's less than one year older than me. Well, I wish her luck when she moves to Seattle.

As I continue to update my new Ipod (I have inherited the family curse. I am quality control. any electronics I buy will fail under warranty within a week. It is a good idea to buy the extra warranty for me). Lots of song titles to type in. Seems like Vista doesn't let Gracenote import song titles. Well, it's entertaining, sometimes. I'm finding lots of songs I didn't know were on some cd's.

And for the knitting, I'm currently designing a scarf that is sort of like a business suit. sketches to follow.