August 12, 2008

The Mole

I pegged the winner, but not the mole. Which isn't exactly the point of the show, but hey, I'll settle for it. I really couldn't decide who was the mole, because both had such suspicious behavior. Nicole was irritating and cost tons of money from the pot, mostly because she was annoying and didn't try. Craig could get away with a lot, and did. I think, not being privy to ALL of the clues as the players were, I would have gone with Nicole, because she irritated the heck out of me. Plus, she totally hammed up the camera part of the action. "Oh, I'm a gonna quit." "Oh, I couldn't quit." Hmm, is this just show? Yeah, I still think so. But overall, I think Mark did an exceptionally good job at keeping the mole at bay. Lets see, throughout the missions, he solved all the answers, when he could, he rotated jobs so that sabotage is less likely, etc. Smart playing that is.


Phoenix Seeker said...

Nice blog, keep on updating.

publish me said...

About the drum carder. I'm am in the process of making my own. I have done the simpler route by purchasing wire dog brushes. I cut the rubber with the wire mesh off of the brush itself and glue it on the wood that is to be the carding drum. So far it works. My next endeavor is to make a PVC spinning wheel. That should be much easier. Good luck in college and on your degree.